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Subject[STATUS 2.5] December 11, 2002
The stabilization work has begun.  One item of interest this week
is the update to the new framebuffer/console API.
Full list is available at

Also, with more people testing different configurations, the
number of bugs in bugzilla has increased quite a big since last
week. 80 and counting.


-- Guillaume

Linux Kernel 2.5 Status - December 11th, 2002
(Latest kernel release is 2.5.51)

Items in bold have changed since last week.

o in 2.5.48 In-kernel module loader (Rusty Russell)
o in 2.5.51 Compatibility syscall layer (Stephen Rothwell)
o in 2.5.51+ Rewrite of the console layer (James Simmons)

o in -mm Page table sharing (Daniel Phillips, Dave McCracken)
o in -osdl Build option for Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) (Karim Yaghmour)
o in -osdl Linux Kernel Crash Dumps (Matt Robinson, LKCD team)
o in -osdl High resolution timers (George Anzinger, etc.)
o in -osdl Kernel Probes (kprobes) (Vamsi Krishna, kprobes team)
o in -dcl NUMA aware scheduler extensions (Erich Focht, Michael Hohnbaum)

o before 2.6.0 Support insane number of groups (Tim Hockin)
o before 2.6.0 Worldclass support for IPv6 (Alexey Kuznetsov, Dave Miller, Jun Murai, Yoshifuji Hideaki, USAGI team)
o before 2.6.0 Reiserfs v4 (Reiserfs team)
o before 2.6.0 32bit dev_t (Al Viro)
o before 2.6.0 Fix device naming issues (Patrick Mochel, Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o before 2.6.0 Change all drivers to new driver model (All maintainers)
o before 2.6.0 USB gadget support (Stuart Lynne, Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o before 2.6.0 Improved AppleTalk stack (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o before 2.6.0 ext2/ext3 online resize support (Andreas Dilger)

13 blo OPEN user-mode-linux (ARCH=um) compile broken in 2.5.47
44 blo OPEN radeonfb does not compile at all - seems incomplete? or w...
66 blo ASSI SMP Kernel Compile for Sparc32 fails
118 blo OPEN Load IDE-SCSI module causes OOPS in 2.5.49
123 blo ASSI SiL 680 IDE controller has "issues"
10 hig ASSI USB HCs may have improper interrupt configuration with AC...
71 hig ASSI RTL8100BL (8139) do not work on acpi UP without local apic
84 hig ASSI qconf crashes when setting default NLS
111 hig OPEN hugetlbfs does not align pages
113 hig OPEN CMD649 or ALI15X3 problem under 2.5.49 and since many pre...
129 hig OPEN usb-storage crashes my pc when i plug in a SIIG Compact F...
130 hig ASSI problems mounting root partition with 2.5.48+ kernels
148 hig OPEN keyboard doesn't work
157 hig OPEN Makefile bug? sound/synth/emux/built-in.o
5 nor ASSI 64GB highmem BUG()
7 nor ASSI file lock accounting broken
9 nor dbrownell@users.sourceforge... ASSI Ehci do not leave system in a sensible state for bios on ...
11 nor OPEN Intermezzo Compile Failure
15 nor ASSI No dma on first hard drive
16 nor ASSI reproduceable oops in lock_get_status
18 nor OPEN Synaptics touchpad driver
19 nor OPEN aty128fb does not compile
32 nor OPEN framebuffer drivers dont compile
36 nor ASSI Long tape rewind causes abort on aic7xxx
37 nor ASSI IDE problems on old pre-PCI HW
39 nor ASSI undefined reference to `boot_gdt_table'
42 nor ASSI 8139too ifconfig causes oops
43 nor ASSI e100 drivers crashes on non cache-coherent platforms
46 nor OPEN Two mice: unwanted double-clicks & erratic behavior
48 nor OPEN APM suspend and PCMCIA not cooperating
49 nor OPEN register_console() called in illegal context
51 nor ASSI isapnp does not register devices in /proc/isapnp
52 nor ASSI aic7xxx driver fails to boot on netfinity 7000
53 nor ASSI IDE cd-rom I/O error
54 nor OPEN 100% reproduceable "null TTY for (####) in tty_fasync"
58 nor OPEN OHCI-1394: sleeping function called from illegal context ...
63 nor OPEN compile error with CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE yes
69 nor OPEN Framebuffer bug
72 nor OPEN Framebuffer scrolls at the wrong times/places
79 nor OPEN Framebuffer scrolling problem
94 nor OPEN file remain locked after sapdb process exist.
100 nor ASSI LTP - gettimeofday02 fails (time is going backwards)
104 nor OPEN MIPS fails to build: asm/thread_info.h doesn't exist
105 nor ASSI gettimeofday cripples system running with notsc
106 nor OPEN sysfs hierarchy can begin to disintegrate
110 nor OPEN Current bk Linux-2.5, VFS Kernel Panic from Devfs + NO UN...
115 nor OPEN Kernel modules won't load
116 nor OPEN all mounts oops
117 nor OPEN build failure: arch/ppc/kernel/process.c
119 nor OPEN 2.5.49 - Dell Latitude weirdness at shutdown
122 nor OPEN emu10k1 OSS troubles
126 nor OPEN bzImage build failure on input devices support as module
131 nor OPEN "hda: lost interrupt"; "hda: dma_intr: bad DMA status" on...
132 nor OPEN windows ip check ARP packet replied by kernel when proxy_...
134 nor OPEN 2.5.50 breaks pcmcia cards
135 nor OPEN SB16/Alsa doesn't work
136 nor OPEN FSID returned from statvfs always 0
138 nor OPEN Build error: drivers/video/sis/sis_main.h:299: parse erro...
140 nor OPEN isp1020 driver reports error
143 nor OPEN unable to read cd audio from atapi cdrom/cdrw/dvd device,...
144 nor OPEN error return not checked in register_disk (fs/partitions/...
145 nor OPEN ALSA: SB-AWE ISA detection fails
149 nor OPEN Laptop with touchpad and "pointer". Pointer never works
150 nor OPEN [PNP][2.5] IDE Detection problems (wrong IRQ and wrong ID...
151 nor OPEN compile failure on drivers/block/ps2esdi.c
153 nor OPEN compile failure on drivers/char/riscom8.c
154 nor OPEN compile failure on drivers/char/esp.c
155 nor OPEN compile failure on drivers/char/specialix.c
156 nor ASSI compile failure on drivers/ide/pci/nvidia.c
158 nor OPEN depmod should be in README
159 nor OPEN compile failure on drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_net_lib.c
8 low ASSI i2o_scsi does not handle reset properly
20 low OPEN Kernel AGP support needs to be initialized sooner
28 low ASSI Compile time warnings from starfire driver (with PAE enab...
29 low ASSI Debug: sleeping function called from illegal context at m...
78 low ASSI make dep on lk configuration exit
83 low ASSI Wish: ability to quickly cycle through (NEW) config options
142 low OPEN problem with ver_linux script and procps version
146 low OPEN Assertion failure in do_get_write_access() at fs/jbd/tra...
152 low OPEN make xconfig dont work
80 bugs found.

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