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    SubjectRe: EVMS announcement
    On Tuesday 05 November 2002 18:16, Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:
    > Now, an interesting question is whether the md modules etc will simply be
    > continued to be used or whether they'll make use of the DM engine too? Can
    > they be made "plugins" to DM or the EVMS framework?

    I think the MD kernel modules certainly *could* be ported to the dev-mapper
    framework. But right now, from EVMS's standpoint, there is no need to force
    that change just yet. If it is determined in the future that that would be a
    better direction to go, for us it would just mean re-coding the user-space MD
    plugin to talk to dev-mapper instead of the MD driver. But a lot of work has
    gone into the MD driver during 2.5, so I would personally think such a change
    won't happen until at least 2.7.

    > Or even, could EVMS (in
    > theory) parse the meta-data from a legacy md device and just setup a DM
    > mapping for it? That would appeal to me quite a bit. I really need to start
    > reading up on it...

    The pretty much exactly what does/will happen, except EVMS will talk to the
    MD driver now (maybe DM in the future).

    Kevin Corry
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