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SubjectRe: ps performance sucks (was Re: dcache_rcu [performance results])
Martin J. Bligh wrote:
> I had a very brief think about this at the weekend, seeing
> if I could make a big melting pot /proc/psinfo file

You could take a more radical approach. Since the goal of such
a psinfo file would be to accelerate access to information
that's already available elsewhere, you can do away with many
of the niceties of procfs, e.g.

- no need to be human-readable (e.g. binary or hex dump may
make sense in this case)
- may use other operations than just open and read (e.g.
do an initial write to select what should be read)
- you may cache previous responses and only output deltas
(not sure if this is useful - all you'd safe is the
actual copy to user space)

Actually, I think attempting to just make it brutally efficient,
no matter how much nastiness you amass doing that, might be
good approach for a first version. Then, if people are
digusted, you can make things nicer, and keep track of how
much performance you're losing.


First write says "pid,comm". Internally, this gets translated
to 0x8c+0x04, 0x2ee+0x10 (offset+length). Next read returns
"pid 4,comm 16" (include the name, so you can indicate fields
the kernel doesn't recognize). Then, kmalloc 20*tasks bytes,
lock, copy the fields from struct task_struct, unlock, let the
stuff be read by user space, kfree. Adjacent fields can be
optimized to single byte strings at setup time.

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina /
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