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SubjectRe: swap usage on most 2.4.x kernels
On 26 November 2002 10:57, Max Valdez wrote:
> Hi all:
> I have the same question that most people must have, why I need to
> manually erase swap to avoid excesive paging after a couple of uptime
> days ??.


> Once i have most of my RAM ocupied (more than 50% by cache ona a 1GB
> box) the swaping starts to be a problem, I know the problem is that
> i like a fancy desktop style, and memory eating programs to read the
> damn email, but I think there should be a way to decrese the swaping
> isnt it ??.. after all, most of the ram is in chache !!, is it really
> that necesary ??

There are some /proc tunables, never used 'em muself...

Care to show us /proc/meminfo, top output etc?
People will be interesting *what* is eating your mem.

> BTW, im starting to have the same "old" pagging problem with
> 2.4.20-rc2-ac3. after 1 uptime day. and it seems to be getting worst,
> could it be a hardware problem ??, maybe my ram chips are passing the
> way ?

What? You want to say they are getting slower or smaller with time? ;)
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