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    SubjectRe: swsusp: don't eat ide disks

    > > > Throw out the pages we can evict
    > >
    > > ...DMA from disk may be still running here...
    > Only if a request is still active and therfore the queue is not
    > quiesced

    How do I quiesce a queue? Is it ll_rw_blk stuff?

    > > ...and at resume you find out that your memory is not consistent
    > > because DMA was still running when you were doing copy.
    > I can see how that can be a problem for some other things but not block
    > devices.

    You are probably right that for ide disk quiescing a queue is enough,
    but nothing prevents block device to do some DMA just for fun. Also I
    want to spindown on suspend (andre wanted that, to flush caches), so I
    guess that the patch is quite good as-is....


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