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SubjectRe: swsusp: don't eat ide disks
> >		Jump to PM layer "power off" logic
> >
> >If you do it that way up then no drivers need to be hacked about.
> Hrm... thanks to the miracle of having a BIOS that will deal
> with the grunt work of actually shutting down the chipsets,
> resuming them, etc...

As I said "jump to PM layer power off logic"

So after you have suspended you neatly power it all off

> I really don't like the above as it basically bypasse the
> bus ordering, which is the only sane way I see to deal with
> dependencies when the drivers are actually shutting down HW

Bus ordering applies to power off not to suspend to disk sequence

> Then, I volunteer writing a HOWTO explaining clearly what a
> driver should do for proper PM, and I'm pretty sure that won't
> be that nasty and race prone as you are afraid of ;)

Good. It'll be nice to have suspend to disk in 2.7
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