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Hi there,

When I released 3.7 FINAL I said development for 3.x series has stopped, but I
cannot stop ... It's just like a drug ;) ... Next release will be definitively
WOLK4.0 with 2.4.20 ... Just waiting for O(1), Lowlat, Preempt for O(1)
patches for 2.4.20 ...

I guess you'll like this release very much!

Changelog from v3.7.1 -> v3.8
o add: Lot's of missing documentation for config options
o add: Athlon-Tbird/Athlon-4/Athlon-MP config + >= gcc 3.x flags
o add: 2.4.19 rivafb updates
o add: Mini Lowlatency Elevator with config option
- Tired of all those pauses while doing high disk i/o?
- Tired of all the stops while doing that?
If all is yes, this is for YOU! :)
o add: Allow users within a special GID to change their nice level
from (-20 to 19). Enable this via config option and re-define
this via /proc/sys/kernel/renice_gid. The default GID is 11.
o add: SquashFS v1.0c + modifications to work with shared ZLIB
+ Documentation/filesystems/squashfs.txt + CONFIG entry
+ Fix for mksquashfs userspace tools
o add: Magic SysRq Key to emulate Alt-SysRq-key
Usage: echo {key} > /proc/sys/kernel/magickey
For example: echo s > /proc/sys/kernel/magickey for an
emergency sync :)
o add: HTREE backward compatibility patch for ext2
o add: ext2|ext3|htree updates pending for 2.4.20
+ Orlov Block Allocator for ext2|ext3
o add: Orlov allocator directory accounting bug
o add: Promise PDC20xxx Documentation updates
o add: Wireless Extensions v15 (new driver API) + some new wavelans
(Thanks to Georg Lukas for the WOLK patch)
o add: Antidote2 - to resisting ARP spoofing
(Read Documentation/networking/antidote2.txt for more info)
(request by Thomas Kuepper)
o add: ALi5455 audio support
o add: 3-ware driver update
o add: IBM x440 Summit support
+ add: Artop 865/865R IDE chipset support (ATP865)
+ re-add: BadRAM v4.9
(Thanks to Michael A. Kreitzer for the WOLK patch)
o re-add: CPU - Cap Processor Usage
allowing to limit processor usage (by percentage)
for a given task (cap binary in WOLK-tools package)
(request by Christian Beyerlein)
o fixed: IDE Partition check hang with external IDE Controllers
(Thanks to Christian Beyerlein for the time to hunt this down)
+ fixed: IP Personality compile issue
o fixed: Fix lcall DoS
o fixed: can't allow userspace to set NT
o fixed: locking bug in wait_on_page/wait_on_buffer/get_request_wait
o fixed: Awfull slow SCSI performance if CONFIG_HIGHIO is not selected
o fixed: ISDN multichannel crash
o fixed: hopefully really fixed unresolved symbol tcp_v4_lookup_listener
o fixed: sysctl value kdb was in the wrong place
o fixed: Some gcc-3.2.x warnings
o fixed: avidemux crashed
(Thanks to Moritz Muehlenhoff for noticing this)
o fixed: IDE-CD non-working
(Thanks to Moritz Muehlenhoff for noticing this)
o fixed: speed up ext2|ext3 mounts again a bit
o update: CPU Frequency Scaling v2.4.19-11
o update: Compressed Cache v0.24-pre5
o update: XFree v4.3.0 DRM/DRI Drivers from 2.4.20-rc2-ac3 tree + Fix
to support upcoming XFree v4.3
XFree86 release with the Linux bug fixes
restored and a lot of noise/junk removed
o update: IBM's NGPT2 (Next Generation Posix Threading 2) v2.0.4
o update: "Super" FreeS/WAN 1.99 includes:
X.509 0.9.15, Notify/Delete SA,
NAT Traversal 0.4 and ALG 0.8
o update: JFS v1.1.0
o update: IPVS v1.0.7
o update: grsecurity v1.9.8-CVS as of 2002-11-29
o update: XFS v1.2-pre3
o update: KDB v2.5
o update: i2c v2.6.6-cvs-2002-11-29
o update: lmsensors v2.6.6-cvs-2002-11-29
o update: Kernel Message Dumper v0.4.4
o change: some read-ahead values for performance

Release Info:
Date : November, 29th, 2002
Time : 2:00 pm CET

958b1e912b16c999ccec73d9758e559e *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.7.1-to-3.8.patch.bz2
c017cbcc3fc8093c94fb700c79f387b9 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.7.1-to-3.8.patch.gz
09a514078c6d8a72f3c5b846abb61236 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.8-fullkernel.tar.bz2
23bac7605413dc2948021658beec3e5c *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.8-fullkernel.tar.gz
ee00cfa9d1e56ff67a4ed758c8891ce7 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.8-patch.patch.bz2
9587264de34d70ea40f830856cfe73ef *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.8-patch.patch.gz
4d6334fe76f1a3e4123e23baeef1b927 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.8-patchset.tar.bz2
40852507b5dc0571662b519785f0f6b5 *linux-2.4.18-wolk3.8-patchset.tar.gz

Have fun!

Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen

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