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SubjectIO-APIC on SiS P4 messes interrupts

I used two MSI 8533 mobos for our 1U rack servers.
These mobos are for P4 and uses SiS 5513 chipset.
They have integrated VGA and NIC (RTL8139).

When I boot 2.4.19 or 2.4.20rc2 with IO-APIC enabled
the NIC doesn't work. It get IRQ 18 (instead of
IRQ 11 in non-ioapic mode) but IRQ routing is bad
because it got no irqs at that line.

When booting kernel complaints that APIC is unknown
and that I should write to

I tried to use pirq=0,0,0,0,0,11 which assigns IRQ 11
to NIC but still it got no interrupts.

In order to keep this mail short, I placed dmesg,
lspci -vv and cat /proc/interrupts from all three
cases (noapic, apic, pirq) at:

Let me know if I can do more (root access to the machine
would be possible during this week).

I'd appreciate if you Cc me in replies.
Best regards,
Martin Devera aka devik
Linux kernel QoS/HTB maintainer

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