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SubjectRe: Problems Hot-Swapping IDE ATA drives
Dear Daniela,
> There is a problem with PCMCIA<->ATA adapters and "True IDE mode":
> A CompactFlash unit enters "True IDE mode" when the /OE pin is held low
> at device power on. This is fine when your system is powered on with
> the CF card inserted. But if you insert a CF card into an already
> powered on system, the /OE pin is not connected to the socket and thus
> held high by an device-internal pull up at device power on. This is
> because the power pins are longer than the other pins and connected
> before the others! So the CF card enters "memory mapped mode" instead
> of "True ATA mode" and is no longer accessible from the ATA host.

Many many thanks to you for the hint - I added the On/Off switch on the adapter power and everything now works fine! I insert cassette, cycle the power and mount the drive - it works!
Once again - many thanks.

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