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Subject[CFT] Athlon testers needed.
In some obscure documentation, I found out that recent Athlons
(model 8 stepping 1 and greater) behave better with certain MSRs
programmed slightly differently to those of earlier models.
It's likely a lot of BIOSen out there don't get this right
(Especially in the BIOS older than CPU case).

x86info[1] will be able to dump these registers (run as root
and use -m option), and mail me the results so I can confirm
my suspicions. I've a patch pending, but I'd rather get some
test data before unleashing it on unsuspecting victims.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from folks who have
been experiencing problems with model 8 and above Athlons,
earlier models are less interesting for the moment.



| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs
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