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SubjectRe: spinlocks, the GPL, and binary-only modules
Rik van Riel:
> > The only analogy i can think of is a remix of songs, and several people
> > have gotten into wonderfully large lawsuits over that.
> You can copyright songs, but not individual musical notes.

Right, you need atleast a X number of notes to make it a copyrighted piece,
doesn't have to be a whole song, tho. If someone snags 10-20 secs of a song,
and puts it into his/her song that's violation of the copyrights (given
that the person didn't ask for permission). But, then there's "what's the
minimum"-question, and with code that's hard, and you would probably need
a lawyer and a few settlements in the court-systems, if not even more,
to get an agreement on this.

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