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SubjectCall for [More] Papers -- OT
I know this is off topic for this list, but the Freenix track of the
2003 Usenix Conference is looking for additional papers. The submission
deadline was Monday, Nov 18th, but this has been extended to Monday,
Nov 25th.

Freenix is a special track within the Usenix Annual Technical
Conference. The Freenix Program Committee is looking for papers about
projects with a solid emphasis on nurturing the open source and
freely-available software communities. Freenix papers should advance
the state of the art of freely-redistributable software or otherwise
provide useful information to those faced with deploying, selling, or
using free software in the field.

Freenix is also designed to assist an free or open source developer who
has an interesting project but does not have experience in writing a
conference paper and who would like to write such a paper. A member of
the program committee will be assigned as a shepherd to assist in
getting the paper ready for final publication.

Submission is easy. While you can submit a full paper, you can also
submit just an extended abstract. Freenix is thus well suited to
projects that are currently underway but are not necessarily complete at
the present time. Freenix is also a useful forum for you to increase
the exposure of your free or open source project in order to obtain more
users or collaborators.

Further details are given at:

Best Regards,
Ray Bryant SGI
512-453-9679 (work) 512-507-7807 (cell)
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