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SubjectRe: Filesystem Capabilities in 2.6?

On Sat, 2 Nov 2002, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> The reason I like directory entries as opposed to inodes is that if you
> work this way, you can actually give different people _different_
> capabilities for the same program. You don't need to have two different
> installs, you can have one install and two different links to it.

<shrug> that can be done without doing anything to filesystem.
Namely, turn current "nosuid" of vfsmount into a mask of capabilities.
Then use bindings instead of links. *Note* - binary _is_ marked suid,
mask tells which capabilities _not_ to gain. It's OK - attempt to
link(2) to the thing using binding will see that oldname and newname
are within different vfsmounts, so instead of link to suid-root binary
you get -EXDEV.

And that works on any fs, can be made per-user and can be _seen_
by admin - bindings are visible in /proc/mounts (yes, I remember that
we need to fix the crap with pathnames).

I can do that thing in a weekend - it's trivial to implement.
No need to bugger filesystems for that.

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