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Subjectuseless image of hdd: how to make it useful?
Hello All!

[ please CC me - I'm not subscribed to the list. ]

This question was in my mind for couple of years.
But after all I decided to ask it. (Better later - than never ;-))

Little prehistory: I had on my old home PC two hard drives - hda &
hda was big and new, while hdc was old, small and sure it
a lot of old useful stuff. So I decided to upgrade my very
valuable hdc.
And sure, as simple novice in hdd upgrades, I've made smth
# dd if=/dev/hdc of=/root/hdc_img
And right after upgrade - I got small rebate in exchange for
my old hdd -
I understood my problem.

I do not know the way to mount partition table!
it's possible with loop device to mount partition - but how to mount
hdd (with its own partition table) to have access to single
partition inside???

Digging into the kernel (it was 2.2 times) brought no answer:
major+minor was
used to identify the partition and I saw no way I can give this
a file - not real hard drive.

So that's the question:

Is it possible to mount a 'hard drive' - just like any other fs -
and see
inside of this fs partitions as regular files?

PS As for my hdc - very quickly I came back to the shop and reversed my
/upgrade/... ;-)))

--- Regards&Wishes! With respect Ihar "Philips" Filipau AKA Igor Philippov,
and Phil for friends

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
MCS/Mathematician - System Programmer
Ihar Filipau
Software entwickler @ SUSS MicroTec Test Systems GmbH,
Süss-Strasse 1, D-01561 Sacka (bei Dresden)
e-mail: tel: +49-(0)-352-4073-327
fax: +49-(0)-352-4073-700 web:
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