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    SubjectRe: [patch] threading fix, tid-2.5.47-A3
    The new definition of the clone flags is binary incompatible with older
    2.5 kernels.
    How about this instead:
    #define CLONE_PARENT_SETTID 0x00100000
    #define CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID 0x00200000
    #define CLONE_DETACHED 0x00400000
    #define CLONE_UNTRACED 0x00800000
    #define CLONE_CHILD_SETTID 0x01000000

    > +asmlinkage void FASTCALL(schedule_tail(task_t *prev));
    > asmlinkage void schedule_tail(task_t *prev)
    > {
    > finish_arch_switch(this_rq(), prev);
    Maybe finish_arch_switch should only be called if CONFIG_SMP ||
    CONFIG_PREEMPT, like what happened without this patch?

    > + if (clone_flags & CLONE_PARENT_SETTID)
    > + put_user(p->pid, parent_tidptr);
    How about failing if put_user fails?

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