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SubjectRe: lan based kgdb
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On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 08:32, David Lang wrote:
> a couple quick questions from an end-user
> 1. will an interface be dedicated to this use, or will it share an
> interface with other traffic.
I imagined that it would have to be shared. The world is not a PC, and you
can't trivially add extra connectivtity to that embedded ARM board...

> 3. if we really want to make this limited to the local wire why not use
> something other then UDP? either another IP protocol number (more likly to
> be blocked by routers) or somethign not IP compatable (so that routers
> couldn't forward it if they wanted to). especially if you are talking
> about useing a special (aka stripped down, simplified) stack for this
> interface instead of the full-blown version
If you really want link-local, use the link-local IP addresses (169.254/16).

(I actually have an implementation of this for linux, alas it is only in
userspace :)

> normally I would agree that standards are good, becouse they let you
> interoperate with other equipment, but in this case I'm not sure that's
> really what we want. All communications is not IP :-)
All _good_ communication is IP :)

> as someone managing 60 or so remote boxes, this sounds really nice, if it
> can be made to work securely.
OK, I'm confused again. Do you want remote, or to you want link-local?


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