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    SubjectRe: Bugzilla bug tracking database for 2.5 now available.
    On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 01:44:19PM -0800, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
    > >> Very bad idea. People using unusual hardware do not want to keep
    > >> re-submitting a bug report. I know when I submit a report I expect
    > >> that it will remain until the problem is fixed. I do not like to
    > >> receive multiple
    > >
    > > Oh well, there is _no_ guarantee that it will be fixed, sometimes
    > > there is no maintainer at all and the ticket will stay there forever
    > > lost in the noise...
    > > And if anybody is interested in fixing the driver or even looking to
    > > see if somebody submitted a ticket he/she can just search for all
    > > tickets, even the ones closed because nobody is did any activity in
    > > a perior of one month (or any other timeout period).
    > >
    > > Its not like the ticket will vanish from the database.
    > One thing we've done before in other bug-tracking systems was to create
    > a "STALE" state (or something similar) for this type of bug. So it
    > wouldn't get closed (I have seen this done as a closing resolution, but
    > I think that's a bad idea), but it wouldn't be in the default searches
    > either ... you could just select it if you wanted it ... does that sound
    > sane? (obviously we don't need this yet, but might be a good plan
    > longer-term).

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Murray J. Root
    Mandrake on
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