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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sysfs stuff for eisa bus [1/3]
Marc Zyngier wrote:

> >>>>>"AB" == Andries Brouwer writes:
> AB> From: Alan Cox
> AB> I think a ".ids" file list is valuable. It can be used for
> things like
> AB> EISA card identification obviously but it also has a big value for
> AB> "lseisa" "lspnp" and friends (and hopefully when someone fixes the
> AB> device model "lsdev").
> AB> Yes, lists are fine, but not in the kernel source.
> Ok, I'll remove it, and will put it somewhere else.

Unfortunately, I respectfully disagree with Andries. Until
drivers/pci/pci.ids list is removed from the kernel source, I think we
are best served by modelling EISA on PCI as much as is reasonable.

> Does someone have something to say about the code itself, specially
> about the hacked drivers ? I haven't heard anything about it yet...

Well, I'm in favor of the patch. Did Alan Cox have any special
comments? There isn't any special reason for the following, but I just
have a general feeling that a thumbs up/thumbs down from him would be
nice. Alan? Matthew Wilcox might be another good opinion to ping,
because IIRC he occasionally runs into EISA in his rumblings too...

Jeff, who would also like to see "sysfs stuff for MCA" too :)

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