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    SubjectRe: 2.5.47-ac4 panic on boot.
    Justin A wrote:
    > I did that...
    > Disabling PM made it boot:
    > < CONFIG_PM=y
    > < CONFIG_APM=m
    > < # CONFIG_APM_RTC_IS_GMT is not set
    > < # CONFIG_APM_ALLOW_INTS is not set
    > < # CONFIG_APM_REAL_MODE_POWER_OFF is not set
    > ---
    > > # CONFIG_PM is not set
    > I think I still had swsusp on before I disabled PM...I will have to test more
    > tomorrow to make sure thats it...
    > Perhaps its the CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE that did it?

    Could be...

    > I had tried linux init=/bin/sh, which got to the shell, then 2 seconds later
    > paniced, so I have a feeling its the idle thingy:)

    slab runs a timer every couple of seconds to drain caches which could
    otherwise be wasted-for-ever memory. So it looks like we don't get
    to find out about abuse until much later. Damn.

    Oh, it'd be interesting to enable memory debugging under the kernel-hacking
    menu - that may trap the bug when it's happening.
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