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SubjectRe: Memory performance on Serverworks GC-LE based system poor?
I get 1600 on a similar machine but with a Intel SHG2 motherboard
(ServerWorks GC LE Chipset as well) (Same RAM + Processors)
Maybe not a very good Motherboard you have?


> >
> > > I have experienced extreme low STREAMS numbers (about 600 MB/sec for
> > > on two dual CPU systems based on the ServerWorks GC-LE chipset
> > > P4DLR+ mainboard). Both systems had 2x2.4 GHz XEONs, 4GB of DDR
memory and
> > > were running kernel 2.4.18. I would usually expect STREAMS numbers of
> > > 2000 MB/sec for this kind of systems.
> > >
> > > Does this ring any bells?
> >
> > ISTR serverworks LE errata with MTRRs and write-combining.
> > Whether this is biting you or not I can't say.
> Write combining would really only bite graphics cards. The only other
> performance errata I know about affects the CIOB20 earlier revisions
> (vendor serverworks id 0x0006)

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