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SubjectRe: IDE subsystem issues with 2.4.1[89] [REVISITED]
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Andre Costa wrote:
| Hi Alan, thks for replying.
| So, this basically means 2.4.20 final will contain all improvements on
| the -ac branch plus the critical backports from 2.5.x? Will this be the
| cure to all my probls? ;)
| Seriously speaking: do you have confirmartion that the IDE updates on
| the -ac branch fix the cd audio ripping timeouts? Do you want me to try
| it out? <newbie>If so, can I simply apply the 2.4.20-pre8-ac3 on top of
| my vanilla 2.4.19 source code or is any other patch required?</newbie>

Apply 2.4.20pre8 (found in ) on top of
2.4.19 then 2.4.20pre8ac3 (found in )

2.4.20pre8ac3 is running here, no problems.

| Again, thks for looking into this.
| Best,
| Andre
| On 05 Oct 2002 16:59:39 +0100
| Alan Cox <> wrote:
|>On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 14:47, Andre Costa wrote:
|>>I know this is a known issue, and you guys are working on it; I also
|>>know many changes to IDE subsystem have been backported from 2.5.x
|>>series, and 2.4.20pre* already reflect some (all?) of them. I don't
|>>want to rush things, I was just curious to know the current status
|>>regarding these IDE issues.
|>2.5 has most but not all of the IDE updates in 2.4-ac. 2.4 vanilla has
|>basically old IDE code but with some small PCI layer fixes backported
|>that deal with all the i845G bios mess

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