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    SubjectRe: 2.5.40 (several issues): kernel BUG! at slab.c:1292, imm/ppa IOMegaZIP drivers modules ".o" not found, XFS won't link, depmod complains on
    On Sat, 5 Oct 2002, wrote:

    > I just downloaded the linux-2.5.40 tarball.
    > The kernel was built and tested on a box running Debian Unstable (refreshed today).
    > I had four (five if you include ALSA breaking make menuconfig) issues.
    > - the kernel wouldn't link with XFS enabled due to some
    > unreferenced symbols ("run_task_queue", etc).

    AFAIR fixed in Linus' BK tree.

    > - configuring for the SCSI IOMega Parallel port drivers as modules,
    > make modules_install fails as the 'imm.o' and 'ppa.o' files
    > are missing. (i just 'touch'ed these files to get
    > "make modules_install" to continue)
    > - make modules_install runs depmod which fails with
    > depmod: cannot read ELF header from /lib/modules/2.5.40/kernel/drivers/scsi/imm.o
    > depmod: cannot read ELF header from /lib/modules/2.5.40/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o

    The problem that was causing it is that "make modules" didn't stop when
    the compilation of imm.c and ppa.c failed. The bug in the build system and
    the compilation of these two files are fixed in Linus' BK tree.

    > depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
    > /lib/modules/2.5.40/kernel/drivers/usb/input/usbkbd.o
    > depmod: usb_kbd_free_buffers

    Already fixed in Linus' BK tree.

    Please wait for 2.5.41 and check whether any problems will be present in
    this kernel.



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