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    SubjectRe: [BK PATCH] pcibios_* removals for 2.5.40
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Greg KH wrote:
    >>Here's some changesets that remove the pcibios_find_class(),
    >>pci_find_device(), and pcibios_present() functions. These functions
    >>have been marked as obsolete since the 2.2 kernel, so it's about time
    >>that we removed them.
    > They are still in use by a lot of drivers.. I hate to break even more
    > drivers at this point in 2.5.x, and so quite frankly I'd rather just do
    > this in early 2.7.x instead. Unless somebody really steps up to the plate
    > and also fixes the drivers ("it's a ton of fun, and imagine all the
    > adoration you'll get from teenage girls/boys/ninja turtles for doing it")

    Removing pcibios_present() makes a lot of sense, I have considered it
    deprecated for quite a while now.

    Further (more a note to Greg), often the pci[bios]_present() call can be
    removed completely: when it is followed by a pci_find_xxx or
    pci_register_driver() probe, which will obviously not find anything if
    PCI bus is absent, the pci_present() call can be removed completely.

    I would love to deprecate pcibios_{read,write}_foo but I don't think we
    can remove them yet. Likewise for pcibios_find_xxx... I haven't look at
    all the examples, but I would be worried about breaking ancient (but
    working) code.

    That said, if you wanna do the cleanup, I wouldn't object to removing


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