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SubjectRe: Abbott and Costello meet Crunch Time -- Penultimate 2.5 merge candidate list.
Miles Bader wrote:

>Jeff Garzik <> writes:
>>>[Well, OK, actually it'd be nice to have something like initramfs + some
>>>other sort of fetch-the-bits-directly-from-ROM FS which I could
>>>mix-n-match; anyway initramfs has got to be better than initrd...]
>>It should be pretty easy to populate initramfs from ROM...
>Actually what I was trying to say was that often I don't want to copy
>from ROM to RAM, I just want to have file reads get the bits directly
>from ROM (to avoid using, um, RAM).

Yep, that was my assumption.

If your ROM is directly addressable, i.e. not read over a single-bit bus
or anything, it should be doable. I'm not saying that initramfs will do
this out of the box :) but going from initramfs to "initromfs" should
not be a huge leap...

However, that said, things also depend on what proggies you are running
in your initramfs. You may be running code that only runs at startup
when the kernel boots, in which case the best space utilization would be
to uncompress a compressed image out of ROM to RAM, use it to bootstrap,
and then free [unlink] all the initramfs files that are no longer needed.


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