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    SubjectRe: ANNOUNCEMENT: Squashfs released (a highly compressed filesystem)
    Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > Phillip Lougher wrote:

    >> 2. Squashfs compresses inode and directory information in addition
    >> to file data. Inodes/directories generally compress down to 50%, or
    >> say on average 8 bytes or less per inode.
    > squashfs or mksquashfs?


    > A r/w compressed filesystem would be darned useful too :)
    > Jeff

    A r/w compressed filesystem may be my next project... As a couple of
    people have mentioned there are compressed r/w filesystems already
    out there.

    As you'll know, there are always tradeoffs with filesystem design,
    it is very difficult to get as good compression with a r/w fs
    than with a read only filesystem. I wanted to get maximum
    compression, and quite a few of the techniques I use rely on
    its read-only nature.

    An append only (i.e. files can be added, but not modified), fs might
    be a useful compromise. With compressed metadata, any modification
    of files will inevitably achive different compression ratios, and so
    modification of metadata/files in place is not an option. Appending
    modified metadata/data brings you to log-structured (journalling)
    filesystems and compaction (log cleaning) requirements with consequent
    loss of compression.



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