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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SCSI and FibreChannel Hotswap for linux 2.5.44-bk2
Umm, stop.

Scsi midlayer patches don't go directly to Linus, but through the linux-scsi
list and James into the linux-scsi bk repository first.

The patch still has a bunch of problem not solved, and contains two things
that should be independant patches.

The first patch should be the host_queue locking you added, this one currently
has the following issues:

* you call spin_lock on a semaphore once!
* you take semaphores inside spinlocks and with interrupts disabled
* the coding style needs some imnprovements (you adds lots of empty lines,
and there's a space before the opening brakes of function calls).

the actual driver still has other issues:

* you still duplicated lots of code from scsi.c
* your header is still in include/linux instead of include/scsi,
but imho it should be merged into scsi.h anyway
* you still havent explain why wwn -> host id translation can't
be done in userspace
* you still have useage information in the driverfs files.

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