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SubjectRe: [OT] 2.6 not 3.0 - (WAS Re: [PATCH-RFC] 4 of 4 - New problem logging macros, SCSI RAIDdevice)
> We still need some work for low memory boxes (where low isn't
> necessarily all that low). On my 128MB laptop I can lock up the box
> for a minute or two at a time by doing two things at the same time,
> like a bk pull, and switching desktops.
> I dread to think how a 16 or 32MB box performs these days..

On 2.4.1x with rmap, better than 2.2. A 32Mb box with rmap vm on 2.4,
running the xfce/rox desktop and sylpheed is very snappy indeed

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