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SubjectRe: nanosecond file timestamp resolution in filesystems, GNU make, etc.
Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> > It's impossible. There is no space left in struct stat64
> > And adding a new syscall just for that would be severe overkill.
> Well, possibly more stuff could benefit from new stat syscalls, like a
> st_gen member for inode generations. And as someone suggested, a version
> number or a length could be specified by the calls this time to permit
> less disturbing expansion in the future.

It's already there. The kernel stat64() syscall has a flags argument,
which is unused at the moment. I presume it's for this purpose.

Glibc aleady uses a version number for its stat() calls, to permit
binary compatible extensions on the user side.

So all the mechanism is there AFAIK.

-- Jamie
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