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    SubjectRE: Problem with ACPI on Abit KT7,HPT370

    I'm running a KT7-Raid with bios A9.

    After rebuilding my kernel yesterday (2.4.19-gentoo-r9) with
    ACPI I ran into this same issue. I noted that at that time the
    devices attached to the HPT370 were reporting at DMA 2.
    I realized I'd turned the IDE cables around.

    After fixing that the system worked fine. Early this morning I
    decided to move the DVD drive to a different system and replaced
    it with an older Samsung CD-ROM and I haven't been able to boot
    since. The only change besides the CD-ROM is that my bios
    setting were reset and perhaps I don't have exactly the same
    settings. Alt-SysRq+b responds, and if I disable the HPT370 the
    system boots without issue. I've tried disconnecting the CD-ROM
    and disabling DMA at boot, none of which is working.....

    I suppose I'll just go back with the HPT370 disabled and compile
    a non-acpi kernel to see if it starts working again but this is baffle
    the bejesus out of me.

    >Dominik Geisel ( Wrote:
    >I tried 2.4.10-ac10 with your config and played around with all possible
    >BIOS settings...the problem persists.
    >Also, I am now quite sure it broke with BIOS version 3R.

    >>On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 10:35:42PM +0200, Dominik Thinay wrote:
    >> with kernel 2.4.11-pre3-xfs + i2c CVS-patch + lmsensors it works fine
    on my
    >> system (Abit Bios KT7_49B0)
    >> CONFIG_PM=y
    >> CONFIG_ACPI=y
    >> I remember disabled sth in the bios ...but i have forget ... :(

    Arthur Aldridge
    Sun Certified Solaris Admin

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