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SubjectRe: New nanosecond stat patch for 2.5.44
Followup to:  <>
By author: Andreas Dilger <>
In newsgroup:
> 3) The fields you are usurping in struct stat are actually there for the
> Y2038 problem (when time_t wraps). At least that's what Ted said when
> we were looking into nsec times for ext2/3. Granted, we may all be
> using 64-bit systems by 2038... I've always thought 64 bits is much
> to large for time_t, so we could always use 20 or 30 bits for sub-second
> times, and the remaining bits for extending time_t at the high end,
> and mask those off for now, but that is a separate issue...

64-bit time_t is nice because you don't *ever* need to worry about
overflow; it's capable of handling times on a galactic lifespan
scale. It's overkill, of course, but it's the *right* kind of

We probably need to revamp struct stat anyway, to support a larger
dev_t, and possibly a larger ino_t (we should account for 64-bit ino_t
at least if we have to redesign the structure.) At that point I would
really like to advocate for int64_t ts_sec and uint32_t ts_nsec and
quite possibly a int32_t ts_taidelta to deal with leap seconds... I'd
personally like struct timespec to look like the above everywhere.


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