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SubjectRe: Crunch time -- the musical. (2.5 merge candidate list 1.5)
On Thursday 24 October 2002 19:25, Jim Houston wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> The Posix timers entry in your list is confused. I don't know how
> my patch got the name Google.

Sorry, misread "George's version" as "Google's version" at 5 am one morning.
Lot of late nights recently... :)

> I think Dan Kegel misunderstood George's answer to my previous
> announcement. George might be picking up some of my changes, but there
> will still be two patches for Linus to choose from. You included the URL to
> George's answer which quoted my patch, rather than the URL I sent you.

Had it in, then took it out. I'm trying to collate down the list wherever I

> Here is the URL for an archived copy of my latest patch:
> Jim Houston's [PATCH] alternate Posix timer patch3

It's back now.

> I would be happy to see either version go into 2.5.

So what exactly is the difference between them?

> The URLs for George's patches are incomplete. I believe this is the
> most recent (it's from Oct 18). The reference has the
> user space library and test programs, but I did not see 2.5 kernel
> patches.
> [PATCH ] POSIX clocks & timers take 3 (NOT HIGH RES)

He's up to version 4 now.

> Thanks
> Jim Houston - Concurrent Computer Corp.


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