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SubjectRe: One for the Security Guru's
James Stevenson <> writes:

>can read / write disks. Thus you could recompile your own kernel

Don't put a compiler on the box.

The point is not, to make it impossible to root your box. The point
is, to make it a) hard(er) and b) time intensive.

a) keeps out the kiddies with the r00t hAx0r kits
b) gives a security aware staff (or an IDS or a security watcher)
a reaction window.

One of the most sucking decisions of mainstream distributions is that
they offer to install a development kit on server installs. It seems
that people working @ linux vendors either have no clue or simply
don't understand the needs of their customers.

Sheesh, some even install a full desktop with "[gnome|kde]-games" on a
server. What is this? Microsoft Windows <insert your poison here>" ?


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