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SubjectRe: One for the Security Guru's

> The consultants aparantly told the company admins that kernel modules
> were a massive security hole and extremely easy targets for root kits.
> As a result every machine has a 100% monolithic kernel, some of them
> ranging to 1.9Meg in filesize. This of course provides some other
> sticky points such as how to do a kernel boot image.

i very much doubt this would stop anyone who really wanted todo
something like loading a module.

Stating something like that would also mean booting the kernel from
a disk inside the machine is also insecure.

As to load a module you must be root and if you are root you
can read / write disks. Thus you could recompile your own kernel
install it try to force a crash or a reboot which is not hard as root
and the person may not even notice that the kernel has grown by a few
bytes after the crash.

The only thing it may do is slow somebody down.
A lot of people out there if they can get access to a system
and cannot keep it will also tend todo a rm -rfv /
or equivelent nasty.


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