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SubjectRe: One for the Security Guru's
On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 14:02, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> The consultants aparantly told the company admins that kernel modules
> were a massive security hole and extremely easy targets for root kits.
> As a result every machine has a 100% monolithic kernel, some of them
> ranging to 1.9Meg in filesize. This of course provides some other
> sticky points such as how to do a kernel boot image

Modules make no difference to security. If I can add a module I can swap
the kernel and reboot the box, or I can patch the kernel. In fact I can
load modules into module-less kernels its just a bit harder.

> to accept a module we didn't build? Are there plans to implement some
> form of finger printing on modules down the road?

It doesnt help you without a lot more than just fingerprints. You can
revoke module loading at boot time if you want - it only makes things a
little harder.

If you want to make it theoretically impossible then you need to load
the modules required early then revoke the module loading and rawio
capabilities. At that point I should not be able to get raw hardware
access or load a module. You need to revoke both of the so I can't for
example hand load modules by poking in /dev/mem.


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