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    SubjectRe: Bitkeeper outrage, old and new
    Roman Zippel <> writes:


    >On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Murray J. Root wrote:

    >> It's a simple concept. I produced it, it's mine until I say otherwise.
    >> You grant other laborers the right to profit from their labors, do you
    >> not?

    >Software isn't a product like others, once you've written it, you can
    >reproduce it indefinitely with almost no further costs. Profit is defined

    Not if you can tie it to some "not indefinitely at no further costs
    reproducable" item. E.g. Hardware. E.g. a serial number in hardware or
    an encryption key.

    <div sarcasm="true">
    What? what? Sounds familiar? Maybe someone else came
    to the same conclusions?


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