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SubjectRe: Son of crunch time: the list v1.2.
Rob Landley wrote:
> 1) Roman Zippel's new kernel configuration system.
> Announce:
> Code:

I support merge, Linus seemed to support it with the caveat that he said
he didn't personally see much discussion...

> 2) Ted Tso's new ext2/ext3 code with extended attributes and access control
> lists.
> Announce:
> Code: bk://

No comment other than I notice tytso's patches got dropped (at least
once/twice?). Maybe viro hasn't reviewed them?

IIRC viro had some objections to ACLs in general and how they might not
necessarily actually improve security -- but I did not see detailed
elaboration on this.

> 3) Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) (Karim Yaghmour)
> Announce:
> Patch:
> User tools:

I dunno if this needs to be in the kernel...

> 4) Device mapper for Logical Volume Manager (LVM2) (LVM2 team) (in -ac tree)

Needs sysfs support or devmapperfs support... no need to add a bunch of
ioctls that will go away eventually.

> 5) VM large page support (Many people) (in -mm tree)

Rob - this URL doesn't seen to have anything directly to do with large
page support.

Is this not already in the kernel? I still want to actually see someone
from Oracle actually say "I will use this" or "we find this useful".

[I cynically propose a sys_oracle and be done with it <g>]

> 6) Page table sharing (Daniel Phillips, Dave McCracken) (in -mm tree)
> (A newer version of which seems to be at:)

IMO 2.7.x item...

> 7) Dynamic Probes (dprobes team)

why does this need to be the mainline kernel? this is another type of
thing that can live as a patch, IMO...

> 8) Zerocopy NFS (Hirokazu Takahashi)

this is already merged, isn't it??

> 9) High resolution timers (George Anzinger, etc.)

no comment, I've heard arguments that high-res timers would be useful,
but haven't read the patch myself so won't comment...

> 10) EVMS (Enterprise Volume Management System) (EVMS team)

Sounds like 2.7.x material, viro pointed out several problems ...

> 11) Linux Kernel Crash Dumps (Matt Robinson, LKCD team)
> Announce:
> Code:

I would personally _love_ to see this merged, but I think it's 2.7.x
material given the recent comments (unless they get fixed up)

> 12) Rewrite of the console layer (James Simmons)

needs more review... but hasn't some of this stuff already made it in?
(or am I thinking about fbdev...?)

> 13) Kexec, luanch ELF format linux kernel from Linux (Eric W. Biederman)

Useful, but at the same time not many people will use this I think. It
may need to live as a patch for a while, if not for a long while...

> 14) USAGI IPv6.
> Yoshifuji Hideyaki points out that ipv6 is very important overseas
> (where some entire countries make do with a single class B ipv4
> address range). He says:
>>Well, our IPsec is ready, runs and is tested...

The USAGI guys have been slowly splitting up their patches and
submitting them... AFAIK DaveM is just waiting on more split-up IPv6
patches from them...

> 17) Kernel Hooks (IBM kernel team, contact: Richard J. Moore.)

at first glance this seems to have serious issues with being a black
hole for overriding syscalls-type behavior...

> 19) In-kernel module loader (Rusty Russell.)

most likely 2.7.x material

> 20) Unlimited groups patch (Tim Hockin.)

I dunno if people want to take the hit in the mainline kernel... Maybe
this should be a CONFIG_xxx option, or live outside as a patch that
enterprise customers integrate

> 8) ReiserFS 4
> Hans Reiser said:
>>We will send Reiser4 out soon, probably around the 27th.

how mysterious... ;-)

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