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SubjectRe: [Kernel 2.5] Qlogic 2x00 driver
On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 12:47, Simon Roscic wrote:
> On Thursday 17 October 2002 05:08, GrandMasterLee <> wrote:
> > Do you actually get the lockups then?
> no, i didn't had any lookups, each of the machines currently have an uptime
> of only 16 day's and that's because we had to shutdown the power in our
> whole company for a half day.
> ...

One question about your config, are you using, on ANY machines,
QLA2300's or PCI-X, and 5.38.x or 6.xx qlogic drivers? If so, then
you've experienced no lockups with those machines too?

> if you are interested, procinfo -a shows this on one of the 3 machines:
> (all 3 are the same, except that the "primary" lotus domino server has 2 cpu's
> and 2 gb ram, the other 2, have 1 cpu and 1 gb ram)
> ---------------- procinfo ----------------
> Linux 2.4.17-xfs-smp (root@adam-neu) (gcc 2.95.3 20010315 ) #1 2CPU [adam.]

Thanks for the info. I will hopefully have >5 days uptime now too. If
not, anyone need a Systems Architect? :-D

--The GrandMaster
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