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SubjectRe: epoll (was Re: [PATCH] async poll for 2.5)
On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Dan Kegel wrote:

> I was afraid someone would be confused by the examples. Davide loves
> coroutines (check out )
> and I think his examples are written in that style. He really means
> what you think he should be meaning :-)
> which is something like
> while (1) {
> grab next bunch of events from epoll
> for each event
> while (do_io(event->fd) != EAGAIN);
> }
> I'm pretty sure.

Yes, I like coroutines :) even if sometimes you have to be carefull with
the stack usage ( at least if you do not want to waste all your memory ).
Since there're N coroutines/stacks for N connections even 4Kb does mean
something when N is about 100000. The other solution is a state machine,
cheaper about memory, a little bit more complex about coding. Coroutines
though helps a graceful migration from a thread based application to a
multiplexed one. If you take a thread application and you code your
connect()/accept()/recv()/send() like the ones coded in the example http
server linked inside the epoll page, you can easily migrate a threaded app
by simply adding a distribution loop like :
for (;;) {

- Davide

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