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SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.5.42+ reboot kills Dell Latitude keyboard
Eric W. Biederman writes:
> Mikael Pettersson <> writes:
> > Dell Latitude CPi laptop. Boot 2.5.42 or .43, then reboot.
> > Shortly after the screen is blanked and the BIOS starts, it
> > prints a "keyboard error" message and requests an F1 or F2
> > response (continue or go into SETUP). Never happened with any
> > other kernel on that machine.
> >
> > Apparently the 2.5.42+ "let's shut everything down at reboot"
> > change
> There was no such change just a discussion of what the kernel
> has been doing since 2.5.8 or so.
> > put the keyboard controller in a state which is inconsistent
> > with the BIOS' expections at a warm boot.
> There is a bug in device_suspend. device_shutdown, and device_suspend
> where merged and the POWER_DOWN case now removes the drivers which
> is a bug. You may be getting hit with that.
> Eric Blade has posed a patch fixing that.

I tried Eric Blade's patch
but it didn't make any difference. Same keyboard error as before.

So either the patch doesn't change what actions are taken on reboot,
or the keyboard (std SERIO_I8042 + ATKBD PC stuff) driver was also
broken in the 2.5.41->2.5.42 step.

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