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SubjectRe: 2.5.43 IO-APIC bug and spinlock deadlock
On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Doug Ledford wrote:

> IO-APIC bug: regular kernel, UP, no IO-APIC or APIC on UP enabled, compile
> fails (does *everyone* run SMP or at least UP + APIC now?)
> spinlock deadlock: run an smp kernel on a up machine. On mine here all I
> have to do is try to boot to multiuser mode, it won't make it through the
> startup scripts before it locks up by trying to reenter common_interrupt
> on the only CPU. Seems like an SMP kernel on UP hardware doesn't disable
> interrupts properly maybe? I get task lists via alt-sysreq when the
> machine should be hardlocked I think. Anyway, this is what has been
> tricking me into thinking I had an IDE problem. IDE is innocent, it's the
> core interrupt handling code.

Hmm i'm running an SMP kernel on a UP (only Local-APIC present) and the
machine is currently running X. I've gotten an SMP kernel on a UP box
without any APICs to also go multiuser too (currently 30 minutes uptime).


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