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SubjectRe: 2.5.41 still not testable by end users
Thomas Molina wrote:
> ...
> > > Oct 16 21:40:59 declan kernel: [__might_sleep+84/96]
> > > ...
> > > Oct 16 21:41:00 declan kernel: [init_irq+637/820] init_irq+0x27d/0x334
> > >
> >
> > One day. Before we all die. Please.
> I had that as fixed in my problem list. It should have been integrated by
> 2.5.42, certainly 2.5.43. I'm not seeing any additional reports since
> then.

Oh. We still have:

if (request_irq(hwif->irq,&ide_intr,sa,hwif->name,hwgroup)) {
if (!match)
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&ide_lock, flags);

request_irq() was changed to use GFP_ATOMIC, so it's "fixed".

But only for i386.

request_irq() inside spinlock is a *very* common bug. Moreso
as people move cli()-using code across to use spinlocks.

And we've just lost our ability to detect this bug.

request_irq() needs to take the allocation mode as an argument.
Should always have. Sigh. I'll fix it up sometime.
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