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SubjectRe: statfs64 missing
On Oct 17, 2002  15:28 -0500, Steven French wrote:
> With big SAN based arrays of disks running under some of the high end
> CIFS based server appliances from EMC, NetApp etc. it would not be
> surprising to me to see an overflow problem for the 32 bit statfs fields
> today (mapping from the values in the FILE_SYSTEM_INFO returned by the
> server to statfs struct on i386 clients) unless the local fs lies
> about the block size. For the cifs vfs adding a statfs64 func would
> certainly be technically feasible from the protocol's perspective and
> pretty easy.

Yes, I hit this problem a month or two ago with Lustre - the 90TB
filesystem we are testing on wrapped and I thought it was a problem
in our code until I did some more digging. However, lying about
the blocksize isn't a big loss, since we prefer 64kB vector page I/O
over the network anyways for performance reasons, even though the
backing stores actually use 4kB blocksize.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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