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Subjectevent semaphore mechanism in Linux
Hi All,

I'm involved in migrating an OS/2 system to Linux, which involves applications as well as drivers.

I have some doubts/questions on implementing asynchronous,
repeated-interval timer mechanism with semaphore support.
I meant porting Event Semaphores available in OS/2 to Linux.

My need is to have semaphores which will be signalled (posted)
repeated-interval timer mechanis asynchronously.
In other words,
I need to implement asynchronous, repeated-interval
timer mechanism with semaphore support.

We thought of using condition variable (pthread_cond_init, etc..)
and mutex combination to achieve this.

But it seems pthread's mutex and condition variable synchronization
calls are off limits. pthread mutex-locking routines are not
asynchronous signal safe.

It would be helpful, if I could get to know on how to achieve this
event semaphore mechanism in Linux.

Have a nice time.

Warm Regards

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