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SubjectRe: [PATCH] async poll for 2.5
On 17 Oct 2002, Charles 'Buck' Krasic wrote:

> Hi Davide,
> On thinking about this a bit, I wonder if the evtmask isn't superflous
> in sys_epoll_addf? (And in the existing epoll interface where the
> application writes to /dev/epoll).
> As you say, the normal usage will be to register for all events
> anyway. My wrapper library does exactly that. As you say, not having
> to continously switch the mask is the simpler way to go. If
> registering for all events is the only sensible approach, the argument
> isn't needed at all.
> What do you think? It's a minor detail, I know.

Even if it is the fastest way to use the API, iI would still prefer such
behaviour to be encoded in wrapper libraries instead of inside the API
itself. Having a choice is usually better that not having it, if the cost
for having a choice is not too much ( and in this particular case is not ).

> Taking the idea further, I would prefer that ALL non-blocking sockets
> are automatically added to the epoll interest set if the application
> has already called epoll_create(). Maybe that behaviour could be an
> option to epoll_create().

Same thing, I would leave this task to your my_socket() and my_accept().
I think what is really missing about /dev/epoll is an easy-to-use
interface library to avoid users confused by the presence of "poll" inside
its name, to use it like select()/poll().

> BTW, I'm not clear on another aspect of the API below, is there still
> an mmap() for the pollfd buffers?

Yes, it creates a mapping shared between the kernel and the user space.

- Davide

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