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Subject[PATCH] GART driver support for generic AGP 3.0 device detection/ enabling & Intel 7505 chipset support
Attached is a patch for generic AGP 3.0 device detection and enabling
routines as well as specific support for the Intel 7505 chipset against the
2.5.43 kernel.

This patch adds a new file agp3.c which contains generic enabling and
detection routines based on the AGP 3.0 spec. Some of the new features
include detection of multiple devices and proper isochronous bandwidth
allocation to each discovered device, as well as the typical host bridge
initialization. This patch also adds another file i7505-agp.c which
contains the chipset specific support. It is prudent to note that this
patch does not yet implement all of the capabilities defined by the AGP 3.0

For comments, kindly include my address in your mail as I am not currently


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