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Subjectstatfs64 missing

I notice 2.5 has 64bit sector_t but no statfs64() system call for 32bit
architectures. How is df supposed to report it? statfs uses 32bit
block counts.

The currently limit depends on the block size, the bigger your block
size the more bytes it can report.

This problem already exists on 2.4. You can actually access NFS servers
which have more than 2TB of disk space. NFS uses the local write size
as block size. When you are lucky then 0xfffffffff*wsize is bigger
than what your NFS server reports. If not you get wrong results.
The only workaround currently is to increase wsize, but that has its
limits too.

Fixing it properly probably requires statfs64(). Any reason why this
was not included in the sector_t patchkit ?

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