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    SubjectRe: uml-patch-2.5.42-1

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 08:52:17AM -0500, Jeff Dike wrote:

    > > For some reason I now need this patch to make bk-current to compile
    > That patch is against stock 2.5.42, so I don't make any guarantees about
    > bk-current.

    I am in no way inplying that you are making any guarantees about your patches to
    work with something but the kernels they are released for.
    On the other hand I thought you might find it useful if I report to you
    problems with more modern kernels that I encounter so that when you will
    update UML to never kernel you do not need to hit all the problems by yourself.

    > However the __i386__ thing should be taken care of by Makefile-i386 doing
    > CFLAGS += -U__i386__
    > I might have messed up the patch, I'll check and fix it if so.

    Yes, it seems to be the case.

    CFLAGS is defined first in arch/um/Makefile and only then you do
    include Makefile-{SUBARCH}

    Moving 'include $(ARCH_DIR)/Makefile-$(SUBARCH)' in front of CFLAGS

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