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    SubjectRe: [rfc][patch] Memory Binding API v0.3 2.5.41
    Martin J. Bligh wrote:
    >>>>>4) An ordered zone list is probably the more natural mapping.
    >>>>See my comments above about per zone/memblk. And you reemphasize my point, how do we order the zone lists in such a way that a user of the API can easily know/find out what zone #5 is?
    >>>Could you explain how that problem is different from finding out
    >>>what memblk #5 is ... I don't see the difference?
    >>Errm... __memblk_to_node(5)
    > As opposed to creating __zone_to_node(5) ?
    >>I"m not saying that we couldn't add a similar interface for zones... something along the lines of:
    >> __memblk_and_zone_to_flat_zone_number(5, DMA)
    >>or some such. It just isn't there now...
    > Surely this would dispose of the need for memblks? If not, then
    > I'd agree it's probably just adding more complication.
    Well, since each node's memory (or memblk in the parlance of my head ;)
    has several 'zones' in it (DMA, HIGHMEM, etc), this conversion function
    will need 2 parameters. It may well be called
    __node_and_zone_type_to_flat_zone_number(node, DMA|NORMAL|HIGHMEM).

    Or, we could have:
    __zone_to_node(5) = node #
    __zone_to_zone_type(5) = DMA|NORMAL|HIGHMEM.

    But either way, we would need to specify both pieces.



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