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Subjectunhappy with current.h
I recently wrote a kernel module which gave me some mysterious problems.
After too many days spent in blood, sweat and tears, I found the cause:

*** one of my data structures has a field named 'current'. ***

Pretty common word, isn't it? Would you think it can cause such a
trouble? But in some of my files I happen to indirectly include
<asm/current.h> (kernel 2.4.18 for i386), containing the following line:

#define current get_current()

so that my structure becomes the owner of a function it has never asked
for, while it looses a data member. gcc has nothing to complain about

In some other files I don't happen to include <asm/current.h>, so that
there my structure is sound - but alas! has different size and different
composition. Again, gcc has nothing to complain.

Moral of the story: in my opinion kernel developers should reduce to a
minimum the use of #define, and preferably use words in uppercase and/or
with underscores, in any case not commonly used words.
In the specific case the said #define just looks to save 6 keystrokes
and I think it could have been completely avoided.

Regards, Daniele Lugli
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