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    SubjectRe: [patch, feature] nonlinear mappings, prefaulting support, 2.5.42-F8

    On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, William Lee Irwin III wrote:

    > > +int sys_remap_file_pages(unsigned long start, unsigned long size,
    > > + unsigned long prot, unsigned long pgoff, unsigned long flags)
    > ISTR suggesting vectorizing this to reduce syscall traffic.

    well, i dont agree with vectorizing everything, unless it's some really
    lightweight thing and/or the operation is somehow naturally vectorized.
    (block and network IO, etc.)

    > The semantics of faulting in pages on such a region, while not
    > incorrect, are at least unusual enough to raise the question of whether
    > it's appropriate for the kernel to fill the pages as opposed to
    > returning an error to userspace. [...]

    the pagefault path simply does not have the information whether a mapping
    was nonlinear, possibly long before. In the initial patch i had a
    VM_RANDOM flag for vmas, which was set up at mmap() time, but this
    restricted the API needlessly. Tracking whether a mapping was remapped
    randomly before does not sound too useful to me either. So right now it's
    the responsibility of the user to use the API in a meaningful way - is it
    such a big problem?

    > [...] The requirement of MAP_LOCKED or PROT_NONE might as well be
    > in-kernel if the file offset contiguity assumption is not met, [...]

    how would you do this actually, without other restrictions?

    > sys_remap_file_pages() also interacts in an unusual way with the
    > semantics of MAP_POPULATE. MAP_POPULATE seems to perform a non-blocking
    > make_pages_present() operation not shared with MAP_LOCKED, [...]

    what it does is a blocking make_pages_present(), for nonblocking you also
    need to specify MAP_NONBLOCK. I agree that the mlock path should/could be
    merged with the populate path, this was suggested by Linus as well.

    > [...] and filemap_populate() performs the file offset contiguous
    > prefaulting which again doesn't mix well with the scatter gather
    > semantics desired.


    > Also, a stranger phenomenon appears in filemap_populate(), where
    > nonblock may be true, and so filemap_getpage() will return NULL, but
    > -ENOMEM is returned if filemap_getpage() returns NULL.

    true, this is a bug, i fixed it in the -F9 patch at:

    > Also, I see a significant portion of filemap_nopage() duplicated in
    > filemap_getpage(), including long-stale hashtable-related comments.

    check the announcement email for details about the seemingly duplicated
    code of filemap_nopage() and filemap_getpage(). And which hashing comments
    do you mean? We still hash pagecache pages.


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